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  1. We Can Be Safe In The Woods
  2. Alice In Tunnel Land
  3. Spying On The Aliens
  4. For Squibby
  5. Days Of Our Lies
  6. BFD
  7. Adrift In A Sea Of Moral Relativism
  8. A Transparent Deconstruction
  9. Spector Of Death
 10. Born To Endless Night


When the going gets tough, the tough go live in the woods. The rest of us buy this CD, grab our favorite hallucinogen (ours is chocolate, but we don't judge), and lose ourselves in these wonderful works of collage, dark ambient, electronic, and noisy trips to the unexamined corners of our mind. So if you have electricity where you live, we highly recommend purchasing this disc, getting comfy, and enjoying a thought-provoking, brain-twirling ride to wherever it takes you. For a taste of what you're in for, click on the track links above.

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