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Sorrow Is Always Black
  1. The Mother And The Dead Child
  2. I Am Night


This release grew out of a live performance on August 31 2013 which IMR did as part of an experimental music show for the opening of an art exhibit at Vinal Edge Records. The exhibit's paintings, by Sarada Holt, were Halloween-themed, so IMR chose to do a depressing piece, "The Mother And The Dead Child". This was a presentation of the fable "The Tale of a Mother" by Hans Christian Andersen. Soon afterward, smelling the rotted corpse of opportunity, IMR recorded the track in the studio for an as-yet undetermined release. Catching a whiff of this putrid idea, the ever-elusive frybrain wanted in on the autopsy, so out from his severely decayed brain drooled another presentation of the same fable, which frybrain calls "I Am Night". Then the stench really hit -- why not release these two dark, gloomy tracks as a special Halloween surprise?
Thus was born this tense and disturbing disc. If you thought Halloween was too fun and cutesy-wootsie, one listen to this will really bring you down again (where you belong anyway). So, please, "enjoy" the doomed saga of a dedicated, loving young mother trying desperately to save her small child from the clutches of death.
This mini-CDR is limited to 18 copies, so get yours now before they are all bought by evil demons.

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