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Radio Electronics
  1. varactor assassination
  2. by the time i get to zenith
  3. god, why did you kill my puppy
  4. now serve ernie
  5. floating ground
  6. and i missed you, kill me
  7. super hetero dining
  8. making sushi
  9. AM and vodka
 10. music for a ruptured colon
 11. the last ambulance
 12. crosly, heath, rca, and samsung
 13. rifling thru the parts bin of my
   confused and miserable mind


Some of the track titles will link to mp3s. For the others, just gaze upon the text and imagine how awesome the tracks must sound. Now imagine yourself running naked down the street, in a frenzy to get to the record store to buy a copy of Radio-Electronics.

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