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Manifestation V

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Manifestation V
  1. Detective
  2. Bloom
  3. Smell Fi Fi
  4. Hindenberg
  5. Erasing Personal History
  6. Inorganic Beings
  7. Rings of Power
  8. She
  9. Face Projector
 10. Emotional Breakdown
 11. On Overdrive
 12. Changing
  13. Ben Wanal
  14. Crunchberries
  15. Atom Bomb
  16. Transmag
  17. Get Off My Back
  18. Lude
  19 Smut and Glamour
  20. Ivy Pt1
  21. Jen II
  22. Ivy Pt2
  23. Anamnesis
  24. Betrayal


This 1993 release from Awefull Records features a wide range of music, from experimental to punk to just plain weird. I don't remember exactly how many there were in the Manifestation series, at least six for sure. Of course, Sad Pygmy is on this one! Limited number available, so get yours today.

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