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Texas Cyborg
  1. Fuzzy Aunt
  2. Malibu Klauss Barbie
  3. Space Babies
  4. Sick Earl
  5. Told You Not to Cry
  6. Lousy Cook
  7. Granite and Steel
  8. In the Raw
  9. Ghost Bear
 10. Watch Song
 11. La Tapatia
 12. Object
 13. Goodbye Billy Joel
 14. Let's Play Gawd
 15. Don't Want To
 16. X-mas Up My Ass
 17. Don't Worry Kyoko

Try before you buy! Short pieces of most of the songs are playable below:


The last release from Sad Pygmy was a CDR, but that should not make you think the songs on Texas Cyborg are any less great than any other Pygmy disc. This is very listenable and catchy, and a great companion to Dos, Dos, Dos. Plus we finally got Granite and Steel out! With mature song writing and some great covers, you'll be singing along to this disc over and over again.

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