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Dos, Dos, Dos
  1. Strange Metaphors
  2. Cannibal Choir
  3. Dangled Smiling
  4. The Last Beer
  5. Kings Horses
  6. Watch Song
  7. Big John
  8. Lets Kiss
  9. Inflatable Schnauzer
 10. Too Long
 11. UFO Song
 12. Texas Pride
 13. Smoking and Eating
 14. Really Real
 15. Wiggle Room
 16. Discuss
 17. 222

Try before you buy! Short pieces of most of the songs are playable below:


Stretching around a bit on this release, we not only get a bunch of signature Pygmy tunes but also some instrument swapping, some different song writing, and a mostly more moderate pace, while still being intense and really real!

Splendid E-zine wrote: "Now who says there ain't no socially conscious folks singin' songs deep in the heart of Texas no more? Houston quartet Sad Pygmy is all space age punk and energetic defiance on Dos, Dos, Dos. Armed with a theremin and three chords, Sad Pygmy sometimes sounds like abstract art put to sound ("Inflatable Schnauzer" and "222"). And when they're not, they're giving voice to the inane preoccupations of those longing to be among the celebrated: TV, UFOs, movies, sex and mental illness. Carol Kelly spits the venom just right on "Dangled Smiling" and the too-jaded-to-care "Wiggle Room". It's just the thing to get the vintage shop and Shiner Bock crowd busting spastic moves near the stage."

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