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Psychic Intestine

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Psychic Intestine
  1. Jesus to Paul
  2. Sugar Fix
  3. Snapshots
  4. Bad Day
  5. Paranoid
  6. Nothing Wrong
  7. Mary Tyler Morphine
  8. Out the Door
  9. Mime
 10. Acid Rain Coat
 11. Few More Miles
 12. Nice Guy
 13. Kyle
 14. Psychic Intestine Theme

Try before you buy! Short pieces of most of the songs are playable below:


Sad Pygmy is in excellent form here with this strong and thought-provoking release. Many iconic Pygmy songs on this CD make it a must-have. In fact, Marc Hirsh, writing in Public News opined "If what they were shooting for was sloppy, fast and somewhat tuneless music, then I admire Sad Pygmy for being willing to go to these lengths. But I don't have to listen." Marc Hirsh doesn't like us for some reason!

On the other hand, I dug up this review, but I don't know who to credit it to: "The Pygmies are a tough band to put your finger on. Yes they play punk rock (in an Avengers meets Really Red kind of way), but they'll also fling a bushel of psych at you (the title cut will have you dabbing at the corner of your mouth for errant streams of drool), and they can change gears as quickly as fleas can infest my house (pretty damn quick). 'Psychic Intestine' is loaded with great songs, and is an excellent representation of their life-affirming live shows. Did I mention they have a theremin player?"

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