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Tomato Halo
  1. Speechless
  2. G.O.M.B.
  3. Bukowski
  4. When This Takes Effect
  5. Smut
  6. Schreckenghost
  7. Light Beer
  8. Something in My Head
  9. After Me
 10. Lude
 11. No Loss
 12. Condiment Conspiracy
 13. Transcendental Maggot
 14. Fishsticks of Doom
 15. Gathering of Slobs
 16. Puppet Show
 17. Involuntary Twitch
 18. Sometimes Nightmares
 19. Derailment

Try before you buy! Short pieces of most of the songs are playable below:

CD $10.00 / cassette $6.00

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Serving up a punk rock salad with psychedelic vinagrette, our always creative trio are joined again by Todd on gtr., but also we see Phil's first nascent appearance with a primitive homemade theremin on Speechless. The Houston Press said "[They] mine the hole of personal loathing, turn it into something gut-splittingly funny and provide the reason I keep getting the urge to play this disk at odd hours." Nominated for album of the year!

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